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India is fast emerging as a key nation in international politics and its decisions will soon have great impact on global agenda. Indians overseas do play a key role in enhancing the country’s image abroad, whether in science, technology or politics. News about India and about Indians abroad forms key focus of our news coverage.

As an online newspaper, Global India Newsline wishes to reach out to Indians and Indian-origin people all over the world. As an English-speaking country, India is getting fast integrated into the world economy and also face the consequences in terms of trade barriers.

Essentially, we, Indians, watch every move of our leaders, ambassadors and individuals abroad before writing our news reports.  Sourcing original statements, doing in-depth research and bringing out the Indianness in each story is our strategy to make ourselves unique in this world of news.

India is becoming part of the Global Village in true guiding philosophy of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” as Lord Krishna refers to it in Bhagavad Gita. Let us track India’s progress in this direction and draw lessons to refine our foreign relations, diplomacy, culture and future.

We are currently based in New Delhi, Bangalore and Washington, but we are determined to spread our news sources from other parts of the world. Please note that we are an independent online newspaper with no affiliation whatsoever with any other news agency or governmental agency.

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Our Editorial Staff:

Editor/Publisher: Arun Kumar Nag, former journalist with India Today group of publications. He has more 15 years of experience and he can be reached at arunknag@globalindianewsline.com .

Managing Editor: Arif Mohammed, a former Washington University graduate and a columnist in many global newspapers and online portals. Based in Maryland, he has more than 10 years of experience in journalism. arifm@globalindianewsline.com.

Editorial Advisor: Narayana N. Vari, a Ph.D. in International Relations from JNU and an experienced journalist with 20 years of track record covering major global events. He can be contacted at editor@globalindianewsline.com .



Soorya Kiran N, Reporter, sooryakirann@globalindianewsline.com

Naresh Kumar P., Business Correspondent, nareshkp@globalindianewsline.com

Srinivas Chakravarty, Tech Correspondent, srinivasc@globalindianewsline.com

Pallavi Kumari, Correspondent, pallavik@globalindianewsline.com

Bharath Panchajanya, Senior Sub-Editor, bharathp@globalindianewsline.com

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