Vidya Balan loves her moustache!

vidya balan  All over the internet through every news channel and media house, Vidya Balan

seems to be ready to blow the audiences’ mind once again with her new movie,

Bobby Jasoos. From an astrologer to a pandit, a beggar to a postman and then to a

detective, she proudly dons ten different avatars in this Dia Mirza’s production that is

set to release soon.

In her latest flick she switches a lot of characters and has tried 122 looks out of

which these ten were carefully selected. During the release of film’s first look and

trailer, Vidya exclaimed that she loved her look of a beggar and others and had no

complaints with the beard or the moustache. “I have seen male actors cribbing about

putting moustache and beard. But I thoroughly enjoyed it.” said Vidya.

Miss Balan told PTI, “It was exciting and fun to get into disguise of a man. The

moment I got into the look, my body language and voice, changed automatically.” At

the launch of the trailer, Dia Mirza from Born Free Productions and a group of real

life detectives, the first look of Bobby Jasoos was released. Vidya added, “I loved

the get up of an astrologer; half bald with dirty teeth. People on the sets could not

recognise me whenever I came in different getups,” she added.

In the following days, Vidya was opening up about her initial thoughts on the role she

was playing. She said, “I thought I was to play Kitty to Karamchand.” Talking about

her meeting with producers of Bobby Jasoos, Dia Mirza and Sahil Sangha, director

Samar Shaikh and writer Sanyuktha Chawla Shaikh, she asked them, “Okay, what is

the film that you want to make about? They told me `It’s called `Bobby Jasoos` and

I immediately thought that they want me to play Kitty to Karamchand… great!` Then

Dia told me we want you to play Bobby Jasoos and I was immediately interested

because I had never imagined a female detective.” – IANS

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