Smart Capitalists Storm the Hill

Capitol_HillLast Wednesday members of the Smart Capitalists for American Prosperity–a bipartisan group that includes dozens of the country’s top business leaders and investors–met in DC to announce their campaign to increase the federal minimum wage to at least $10.10 and index it to inflation.

The group released a letter to President Barack Obama and Congress, garnered media attention at a press conference, attended the President’s executive order signing to raise the minimum wage for federal contract employees, and met with senior White House officials.

They were joined by NETWORK Executive Director Sister Simone Campbell and fellow “Nun on the Bus” Sister Richelle Friedman. Just last night GAP announced that they would raise their minimum wage to $10 by next year amidst reports that Wal-Mart is considering a hike.

Agenda Project President and Smart Capitalist Spokesperson Erica Payne: “Increase income, build demand for American products, raise the standard of living for millions of working citizens without costing Americans a cent in new taxes. This is a non-partisan no-brainer.”

Co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and Smart Capitalist Ben Cohen: “There is only so much Chunky Monkey one rich guy can eat. For Ben & Jerry’s to succeed, we need more than one ice cream buying rich guy. Raise the minimum wage and everyone can have a scoop.”

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